About Us

2016 was a momentous year for IAC.  Late in 2015 we were awarded $95,000 in grants to support our work!  As a result of these grants, we will be able to take great strides forward:

  • IAC hired our first paid staff.
  • This staff position is allowing us to build new partnerships, conduct more community education programs, and coordinate with national leaders on a complementary strategy.
  • We are having focused conversations with state legislators, advocating for legislation to reduce the instances in which the death penalty will apply.

Please donate to support our efforts. Your donation can help ensure that we have the funds we need to accomplish our goals.

IAC is led by a volunteer Board of Directors.

We seek to collaborate with like-minded organizations and individuals throughout Indiana. If you are interested in joining IAC, join online now!

If your organization is interested in partnering with IAC, or you are interested in bringing IAC to your area please contact us.