“The Indiana Abolition Coalition builds consensus to end the death penalty in Indiana through education, collaboration and activism.”


We believe:

  • Capital punishment is morally unacceptable in all cases, without exception
  • In the need to acknowledge the grief, pain and anger of victims’ families and to help establish support systems for them
  • The death penalty is hopelessly biased against people of color and historically impoverished communities 
  • The death penalty is arbitrary and capricious in practice
  • The death penalty is a deflection of attention and resources from the problem of violent crime
  • The death penalty is neither just punishment nor an effective solution to violence
  • An informed public will no longer support the death penalty


  • To inform the public on alternative measures to address homicidal violence
  • To reach decision-makers who are willing to work for change
  • To uncover false assumptions about crime and punishment
  • To collaborate with like-minded organizations
  • To increase membership by creating communications, programs and events
  • To increase our reach to more supporters
  • To develop the ability to mobilize whenever action is needed


Indiana will be united with the abolition states in moving the nation to total abolition of the death penalty.